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Greetings wandering traveller! You've found your way to the little corner of the web that my fanlistings call home. This is a collective designed to house and showcase all the fanlisting sites I run and generally to keep all my FL related stuff in one place. My 1st fanlisting was created back in 2002 and I still run it to this day. Over the years many have come and gone, but their little legacy will live on here. Feel free check out the various parts of the site and feel free to contact me about anything fanlisting related.


Currently my collective is home to 28 fanlistings. To date 1851 fans have joined my fanlistings and 10 are waiting to be added. The collective is affiliated with 2 sites. The newest fanlisting to call this home is Tauren. So far I've graced 0 fanlistings with my presence, the latest of which was .

Updates Blog

24 May 2011: Gaming Approvals

Woohoo! I’m SO pleased to be able to add this update! It should’ve been earlier as I was approved last week, but I’m in the middle of moving house & everything’s a little hectic. Anyways, *drumroll* I’ve been lucky enough to be approved for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, World of Warcraft class: Mages & the Nintendo Gamecube!

Oh, and the KIM is up!

8 May 2011: Added Pages

Sorry about the delay in updating! Today I’ve taken a little time to update the Credits page, get the Contact, Wishlist and Pending pages up & running, make a few updates to other pages on site and get some codes made. Still to come: KIM when the site’s back up and I can download a copy of the script from Keep it Pumpin’. Soon, m’dears, soon!