There aren't many rules standing between you and joining the fanlisting, but please take a moment to read the following carefully:

+ You must be a fan of Sylar/Claire Fic. (otherwise why are you even here?!)
+ You don't have to have a website, but if you do, you must have a code up either before or straight after you join (I don't have time to chase you up). If no code is found, your site url will not be listed.
+ If you do have a site, it must not contain any of the following which the Network has deemed highly unacceptable:
- Offensive Materials
- Pornography
- Illegal materials e.g. Wares
[Presence of any of these will lead to immediate deletion of your site url!
+ You must provide a valid email address (if not for the list itself, then to let me contact you in future).
+ You must provide the country you're located in (the point of the fanlistings is to show diversity in the fanbase amongst others).

Read the rules?
Got a site? Get a Code...
No site? Go Join...